Monday Morning Musings

Active Voice: Athletes and the Arts – Make a Difference!

By Randall W. Dick, M.S., FACSM  Originally published in Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB) from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), February 11, 2014 issue Randy Dick, M.S., FACSM, is a past member of the ACSM Board of Trustee. He worked for 20 years with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, managing its sports medicine and […]

The Affordable Care Act: What it means for artists of all disciplines

By The national health care reform law known as the Affordable Care Act, has several nicknames such as the ACA and ObamaCare. The law used Massachusetts’ landmark 2006 health care reform law as one of its key templates*. This is a three part blog post focusing on the ACA. The first two parts share […]

What can the performing arts learn from sports?

In recent years, a number of novel initiatives have emerged that stand to impact upon the way performing artists are trained and carry out their professional activities. It is now not uncommon for sports medicine physicians to weigh in on the treatment of performing artists. The contributions of sports medicine to the diagnosis and treatment […]

Educating Today’s Musicians to Keep them Healthy and Active

Musicians are catching up to the athletes in recognizing the importance of educating themselves on the broad topics of health and wellness. Until more recently, musicians were likely to ignore or deny any medical problems they were experiencing, whether psychological or physiological, playing through pain until they could no longer continue. MTNA has taken a […]

The Case of the Accidental Collaboration

From awareness comes action when opportunity presents itself, at least that’s what happened to me.  I manage a music industry program at Loyola University New Orleans and I’m also a classically trained musician, a music producer, and half-ass jazz trumpet player so, naturally, I love musicians and music. Maestro Jean Montes was in my office.  […]

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