About the Fact Sheets and Outreach Materials; Sharing and Usage

Athletes and the Arts’ collection of educational fact sheets and outreach materials were developed to guide performing artists, teachers and other educators, medical professionals, and all those involved in the well-being and care of any performing artist.

Visitors are encouraged to share the link to our collection or to any specific fact sheet’s post, or print or email the PDF itself for educational purposes. Any use of PDF/fact sheet on a DIFFERENT website or publication requires written permission of AATA (contact Randall Dick, FACSM at 4969rwd@gmail.com).


General Overview – Integrating the Science of Sport and the Performing Arts (AATA)

What’s the Issue? (AATA)

How Can I Get More Involved? (AATA)

Promotional Ads—full page 2 full-page ads in 1 PDF

Promotional Ads—half page 3 half-page ads in 1 PDF


Keeping your Voice Healthy (AATA)

Dental Health and Musicians (AATA)

Performance Anxiety (AATA)

Mental Health in the Performing Arts (AATA)

Focal Dystonia (AATA)

Preventing Overuse Injuries in Musicians (AOSSM)

Preventing Dance Injuries (AOSSM)

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes (SCAN)

Grammy Music Cares Medical Coverage 2016
Grammy MusicCares Programs: MusiCares Medical Network Partners

Exercise is Medicine (ACSM)


Musicians and Noise Induced Hearing Loss (AATA)

Safe Sounds (Poster) (NOMC)

Safe Sounds Hearing Loss (brochure) (NOMC)


The Medical Professional (AATA)

The Performing Artist (AATA)

The Teacher (AATA)

Marching Bands – Tips to Stay Healthy and Hydrated on the Field (DCI)


Developed for AATA by the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) Organization

Athletes and the Arts Nutrition Fact Sheets

  • General Athletes and the Arts
  • Nutrition for Marching Arts
  • Nutrition for Dancers and Performing Arts Athletes
  • Nutrition for Musicians and Vocalists

Eating Before Performing

Reversing Iron Depletion

Eating for Recovery

Eating on the Road


Gluten Sensitivity

Alcohol and Performance

Gaining Weight – Building Muscle


Hydration – Marching

Nutrition – Marching

Nutrition for Drumline Travel and Touring

Nutrition Basics for Dance Rehearsals & Performance


Generic AATA slide set

Dancer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Actor (DIVA) Performing Pre-participation Arts Screening

Performing Arts Medicine Certificate Course