Tips to Keep Marching Bands Healthy and Hydrated on The Field

With the beat of a drum, the blow of a whistle, and the blare of the brass section, marching bands across the country are practicing formations and new musical routines in anticipation of the start of school year. Recognizing the unique needs of these performers, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has issued timely guidelines to ensure safety on the field and in the parade line.

“Marching band members, just like athletes, need to be well conditioned and prepared for the ...

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Musicians & the Prevention of Hearing Loss (excerpts) – Musicians’ Clinics of Canada

Four expedient environmental techniques to reduce music exposure along with their rationales are listed below. Depending on the musical environment (or “venue” for those who are musically inclined), some or all of these techniques may be useful, These can also be used for high-school band classes as well. (Much of this information comes from Chasin & Chong6and Chasin7 serves as the basis for the province of Ontario’s Ministry of Labour Guidelines on the performing Arts (1993).)

Low frequency bass notes can ...

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