Key Injury Prevention Articles Sorted by Instrument Category – PAMA

Key References for Musician Medical Problems by Instrument / Voice Type

As suggested by Dr William Dawson (PAMA)


Piano / keyboards:

Bragge P, Bialocerkowski A, McMeeken J: Musculoskeletal injuries in elite pianists: Prevalence and associated risk factors.  Aust J Mus Educ 2008;1:18-31

Brass instrumentalists:

Chesky K, Devroop K, Ford J III: Medical problems of brass instrumentalists: Prevalence rates for trumpet, trombone, French horn, and low brass.Med Probl Perform Art  2002;17(2):93-98

Woodwind instrumentalists (and all types):

Dawson WJ: Common problems of wind instrumentalists. Med Probl Perform Art 1997;2(4):107-111

String instrumentalists:

Lederman RJ: Medical problems of violinists and violin makers. J Violin Soc Am 1990;10(3):21-45


Judkins J: The impact of impact: The percussionist’s shoulder. Med Probl Perform Art 1991;6(2):69-70

Vocal musicians:

Sataloff RT: Voice medicine: Arts medicine for otolaryngologists. Ear Nose Throat J 2005;4(11):684-685


  1. Howard S Kleyman  June 15, 2011

    Hello You neglect to mention the landmark book that has helped so many of us. It has been around since 2002 ( before most others) and has been updated several times. This book is a must for all musicians and those who care for them
    Playing (Less) Hurt- An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians
    Please see her website for more information
    A professional cellist, she has sold 10,000 books and gives seminars all over the country on injury prevention. An oversight I am sure!
    Howard Kleyman

  2. pbreagin  June 15, 2011

    Hi Howard,

    We do, in fact, have a whole section on Janet Horvath and Playing Less Hurt. Thanks for keeping an eye out though!

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