The Lives of Actors: Performance and Well-being

What are actors’ lives like? What kinds of experiences, over the course of a career, do actors have? How does their training prepare them both for the work they will find, and for the lives that they will lead as they pursue that work? What problems confront actors? What kinds of lives do they lead?

Dr Mark Seton, a leading researcher on actors’ health and wellbeing offers a series of free webinars on The Lives of Actors in which he interviews contributors (from the UK, USA and Australia) whose chapters feature in a  special issue of About Performance on aspects affecting the health and well-being of actors. In each episode, he invite those who register to type in questions and comments so that he can generate much more conversation about what is or isn’t being done to support the wellbeing of actors. The episodes are also being recorded and will be available through his website

The link for the free webinar program and access to registering is:

Dr. Seton and colleagues at the University of Sydney have also collaborated with Actors Equity in Australia to do a national survey of actors health and wellbeing.

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