Sunshine for Health by Jeeyoon Kim

Sunshine for Health
By Jeeyoon Kim • Oct. 2, 2020
Reprinted with permission, courtesy of Jeeyoon Kim

Hello friends!

Last week I got my first blood test result back and it turned out that my vitamin D level was 12 (which apparently is in the sphere of severe deficiency). The doctor asked me if I had been living in a cave for years, and I joked that mine was called ‘living with a piano’. On a serious note, I was surprised to hear that and had no idea at all (even though internally I guess I knew that I hadn’t gotten a dose of sunshine for a while). Having two broken toes probably didn’t help this either. So I decided to take sun for 15 or 20 minutes a day, being more mindful of foods and supplements containing vitamin D.

The other side
To be better equipped for this notion I researched the topic of vitamin D, the side effects of its deficiency, and how to get better. Then I discovered that exposure to the sun could lead to skin cancer and overdose of vitamin D could cause problems like kidney failure on the other side of the spectrum. Lack of it is a problem, overdose is also a problem.

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