Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) Pedagogy Wellness Day

“Empowering Musicians:  Leading a Healthy and Fulfilling Life”

March 17, 2018

Orlando, Florida

MTNA has been a powerful advocate for musicians’ health for over thirty years, and will continue this effort with its fifth consecutive Pedagogy Saturday wellness track. This year’s track focuses on the important correlations between mind and body in maintaining our wellbeing. As in previous years, MTNA continues in its pursuit of bringing together musicians and medical professionals who passionately seek to empower musicians to achieve their potential.  Today’s sessions will explore strategies to help individuals increase their physical and psychological awareness, to overcome and learn from obstacles, thriving in the process, and to discover the tools to remain healthy and active throughout their lifetime.  We are especially pleased to include this year’s MTNA keynote speaker, Dr. Eckart Altenmüller, world-renowned neurologist and performing arts medicine physician from Hannover, Germany. We are happy to include this equally devoted flutist and performer in our program. Everyone is invited to join us for these sessions that have the potential to positively impact you and your students in every aspect of your lives.  Take advantage of the presence of all these experts and the indispensable information they will offer that crosses all disciplines and skill levels. Don’t miss out on this life enhancing day!

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