Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine Certificate Course (June 15 – July 31, 2023)

PAMA is offering a certificate of completion in performing arts medicine for physicians (MD and U.S. trained DO), allied healthcare professionals (athletic trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, licensed massage therapists, manual osteopathic practitioners [including non-US trained osteopaths], acupuncturists, and others as approved), and arts educators. To receive the certificate, participants need to complete an online series of lectures prior to the online exam. Participants need to pass the exam by the course close date in order to receive the certificate of completion.

Course content focuses on risk factors, life-span issues, and the interactive, cultural, and contextual distinctions of health problems that are unique to performing artists, highlighting specific opportunities and techniques for engagement, education, prevention and treatment in response to various arts-specific health concerns.This content is tailored to the background of course participants and presented as four concurrent streams: physicians/health professionals; music educators; dance educators; vocal educators. Participants are asked to select the most appropriate stream for their background and objectives in completing the course – only one stream can be completed at a time.

Following course completion, health professionals will be able to discuss occupation-specific questions that should be asked during the initial interview with performing artists to identify key injury causes; identify basic physical elements of performance on common instruments; apply key special assessment procedures that are useful when evaluating performing artists; establish goal-oriented and evidence based treatment approaches; assess basic requirements of the occupational environment of the performing artist; implement functional return to performance protocols; and describe preventative approaches to medical problems of performing artists. Arts educators will be able to describe performance-relevant anatomy, physiology and psychological considerations; discuss and demonstrate the key components of a strong performance posture; identify injury risk factors; implement best-practice techniques to facilitate safe and productive rehearsals and performances; and understand the arts educators’ role in health promotion and rehabilitation.

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