Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine Certificate Course (ACSM)

In conjunction with ACSM

May 28, 2019 (Tuesday)

Orlando, Florida

PAMA is offering a certificate of completion in performing arts medicine for physicians MD/DO and allied healthcare professionals (PT, OT, RN and AT). To receive the certificate, healthcare professionals need to complete an online lectures series of 12, 30 minute course content lectures prior to the ACSM conference. There will be a 6 hour hands on teaching course at ACSM on Tuesday May 28, 2019 followed by a 1 hour test of understanding. Participants need to pass the test in order to receive the certificate of completion (online lectures are included on the test). This course showcases the music and dance communities through a behavioral and social science perspective while highlighting specific opportunities and techniques for engagement, education, prevention, and treatment in response to various arts-specific health concerns. Collectively, participants will hear introductory and research-based lectures on associated risk factors, life-span issues, and the interactive, cultural, and contextual distinctions of health problems that are unique to performing artists.

The online lectures introduce the epidemiology and etiology of health issues occurring in performing artists. Participants will understand the broad health concerns and risks that performing artists are exposed to from the fields of physical, psychological and auditory health. Attendees will understand how to apply some basic educational and clinical intervention strategies.

The 1 day course provides specific training on basic applied anatomy, physiology and understanding how to develop safe performance strategies for performing arts educators, delivered by experienced health personal. This is a hands on training course on Dance, Instrumental, Vocal, & Actors (DIVA) pre-participation physical exam assessment of the performing artists where clinicians are taught specific exam techniques used in performing arts medicine. Health professionals will be able to: discuss occupation-specific questions that should be asked during the initial interview with performing artists to identify key injury causes; identify basic physical elements of performance on common instruments; apply key special assessment procedures that are useful when evaluating performing artists; establish goal-oriented and evidence-based treatment approaches; assess basic requirements of the occupational environment of the performing artist; implement functional return to performance protocols; and describe preventative approaches to medial problems of musicians and dancers.  The course will cover general health and wellness, neuro-musculoskeletal injuries, applied biomechanics, medical conditions, environmental concerns, hearing health, vocal health, psychological conditions, focal dystonia, and nutrition issues with performing artists.

Target Audience

The target audience includes clinicians and other healthcare professionals interested in learning the essential information needed to provide initial assessment, treatment, referrals and general educational recommendations for the performing artist. (Includes:  physicians, physician assistants, nurses, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals.)


Visit the webpage for more information or to register – Essentials of Performing Arts Medicine

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