Call for Abstracts > International Conference on Performing Arts Medicine (ICPAM2018)

November 1, 2017

The scientific committee of the ICPAM2018 now welcomes abstracts for oral presentations as well as poster presentations for the International Conference on Performing Arts Medicine 2018 in The Hague The Netherlands. The goal of ICPAM2018 is to share state of the art medical scientific knowledge on the topics of dance, music, voice, hearing and mind.
The first day of ICPAM2018 is devoted to Musicians’ Medicine and the third day to Dance Medicine. On the ‘overlapping’ middle day, presentations with a more general character, appealing to a broader audience from both fields will be scheduled. The scientific committee invites presenters from all fields that connect to the theme: State of the Art in Performing Arts Medicine, including, but not limited to,
clinical medicine, medical research, education, policy aspects and international relations in performing arts medicine. The conference aims to be a meeting point for this passionate group of researchers and clinicians, that share a common interest in this specific field.

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