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Performance Artists As Athletes

Sports scientists could help musicians and other artists endure the stresses of their craft.
(Inside Science) — They endure long hours of oft strenuous practice. The way to get better is to practice more, even when injured. For hours at a time, their hearts can beat at 65 percent of their maximum rate. Injuries are common, and there’s always someone waiting to take your spot.
Life in the arts can be tough.
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Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) statement on Wellness in Music Teaching

Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) statement on Wellness in Music Teaching:

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Arts for Health’s Sake

“Arts for health’s sake,” from The Lancet, Vol. 383, March 29, 2014:
View here: Arts for Health’s Sake – Lancet 3-29-14

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Health care for Performing Artists

Artists’ Health Care Task Forces’ 1994 Report to Congress
The following is an excerpt from the report (pp 11-18):
Report to Congress 1994

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Exercise is Medicine – Fact Sheet

Fact sheet from Exercise is Medicine, from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
Exercise is Medicine

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Active Voice: Athletes and the Arts – Make a Difference!

By Randall W. Dick, M.S., FACSM
 Originally published in Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB) from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), February 11, 2014 issue
Randy Dick, M.S., FACSM, is a past member of the ACSM Board of Trustee. He worked for 20 years with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, managing its sports medicine and injury prevention programs. He now serves on the US Lacrosse Sports Science Committee and has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. In 2008, Randy joined …

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Musician benefit highlights health dilemma

“Musician benefit highlights health dilemma
43 percent lack insurance in U.S.”
As quoted from The Advocate: New Orleans Edition, accessed on February 27, 2014:
“The cost of health care is the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, and musicians are hardly the only ones without health insurance. But because many aren’t employed by businesses that offer health insurance benefits — indeed, many work independently — they make up a unique niche of the uninsured population.”
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Athletes and the Arts – The Role of Sports Medicine in the Performing Arts

“Athletes and the Arts – The Role of Sports Medicine in the Performing Arts”
Dick, Randall W. MS, FACSM; Berning, Jacqueline R. PhD, RD, CSSD; Dawson, William MD, BS, FAAOS; Ginsburg, Richard D. PhD; Miller, Clay MD, MFA, PMR; Shybut, George T. MD
Published in Current Sports Medicine Reports, November/December 2013, Volume 12, Issue 6, p. 397-403.
Performing artists are athletes. Like athletes, performing artists practice and/or perform most days with little off season, play through pain, “compete” in …

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