AATA Podcast: Letting The Music Breathe: How Science Got Music Back in School

Letting The Music Breathe: How Science Got Music Back in School — (Dr. Mark Spede; Dr. James Weaver)

December 19, 2022 • 1 hr 3 min

When COVID-19 caused schools to keep students of all grades at home, those arguably most disadvantaged by this were musicians. Many barriers stood in the way of getting students back in the music room: aerosolization from instruments and voice, close proximity between students, secretions from brass instruments, and antiquated ventilation systems in thousands of school buildings.

Early projections indicated that musicians would not get back in the room for 2 YEARS!

Well, that didn’t happen, and our guests are a huge reason why.

Steven and Yasi talk to Dr. Mark Spede, Director of Bands and Conductor of the Symphonic Band at Clemson University, and Dr. James Weaver, Director of Performing Arts and Sports for the National Federation of State High School Associations. These two gentlemen collaborated on expedient and collaborative research that helped crack the code on how to play music in a post-pandemic school environment.

Guests: Dr. Mark Spede; Dr. James Weaver

Hosts: Dr. Steve Karageanes and Yasi Ansari

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