Wellness and Exercise

Health and Wellness a part of Texas K-12 Music Teachers Competency Exam

Melissa Hatheway, B.M.E. July 2014

In many states across the country, marching band can serve as a substitute for traditional physical education courses. These ensemble-based classes are taught by band directors, who are certified to teach K-12 Music. However, these teachers are not certified in physical education, despite being in charge of a class that provides students with P.E. credit. This disparity can also be seen within the K-12 Music teacher certification tests, which do not provide the public …

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Arts for Health’s Sake

“Arts for health’s sake,” from The Lancet, Vol. 383, March 29, 2014:
View here: Arts for Health’s Sake – Lancet 3-29-14

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Exercise is Medicine – Fact Sheet

Fact sheet from Exercise is Medicine, from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):
Exercise is Medicine

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Video – Velocity Dance Convention: Sleep

VDC sleep from Steven Karageanes on Vimeo.
Velocity Dance Convention brings health and wellness to their dancers! In this segment, dance professionals Alex Little and Whitney Bezzant talk about dancers can improve the quality and quantity of sleep, with help from friends Autumn Miller and Shawn O’Malley.

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New Clinic for Performing Artists is Drawing Rave Reviews

A unique new Ohio University clinic for performing artists, the SHAPe Clinic, short for Science and Health in Artistic Performance, is a place where injured performers can be evaluated, treated and receive health and wellness advice from licensed athletic trainers who have the specialized equipment and knowledge to treat such injuries. Best of all, the care is provided with no out-of-pocket costs to the performing arts student.
The facility is a collaboration between the College of Fine Arts and the …

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Athletes and the Arts – The Role of Sports Medicine in the Performing Arts

“Athletes and the Arts – The Role of Sports Medicine in the Performing Arts”
Dick, Randall W. MS, FACSM; Berning, Jacqueline R. PhD, RD, CSSD; Dawson, William MD, BS, FAAOS; Ginsburg, Richard D. PhD; Miller, Clay MD, MFA, PMR; Shybut, George T. MD
Published in Current Sports Medicine Reports, November/December 2013, Volume 12, Issue 6, p. 397-403.
Performing artists are athletes. Like athletes, performing artists practice and/or perform most days with little off season, play through pain, “compete” in …

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Educating Today’s Musicians to Keep them Healthy and Active

Musicians are catching up to the athletes in recognizing the importance of educating themselves on the broad topics of health and wellness. Until more recently, musicians were likely to ignore or deny any medical problems they were experiencing, whether psychological or physiological, playing through pain until they could no longer continue. MTNA has taken a pioneering role in embracing the vital topic of musician wellness. Meeting the need for access to wellness information, MTNA has introduced a number of significant …

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PODCAST – Health Issues and Sports Athletes

Athletes and the Arts Program: Health Issues and Sports Athletes
PODCAST – Randy Dick, FACSM on the Health Radio – Sports Medicine and Fitness Show discussing health issues related to dancers.

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