Practice and Performance

London 2012: Many accomplished musicians among Olympians

On Sunday, August 5, the Toronto Star published an article in their front-page section highlighting The Conservatory’s Olympic alumni, and focusing on the performance training parallels between music and sport.
Included in this article were:

Interviews with Conservatory alumni who have competed in the Olympics, past and present
Quotes from James Anagnoson, Dean, Glenn Gould School, and Jesse Cooney, Centre Coordinator, The Achievement Program
Mentions of Conservatory Medals and Exams, The Glenn Gould School, The Achievement Program, and “the …

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Tips to Keep Marching Bands Healthy and Hydrated on The Field

With the beat of a drum, the blow of a whistle, and the blare of the brass section, marching bands across the country are practicing formations and new musical routines in anticipation of the start of school year. Recognizing the unique needs of these performers, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has issued timely guidelines to ensure safety on the field and in the parade line.
“Marching band members, just like athletes, need to be well conditioned and prepared for …

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Video Interview: Christine Guptill, OT

Christine Guptill, PhD, MS, Occupational Therapy, McMaster University (Canada)
Topics: Musician’s health issues, repetition, mental – physical skill development, injury prevention

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Video Interview: Janet Horvath, Musician

Janet Horvath, Professional musician (cello) Minnesota Orchestrar
Topics: Musician injury prevention tips
Author: Playing (Less) Hurt

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Video Interview: Dr. William Dawson

William Dawson, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon Northwestern University
Topics: Musician hand / upper extremity injuries, PAMA history

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Video Interview: Dr. John Chong

John Chong, MD, Director, Musicians’ Clinics of Canada
Topics: Medical approaches to treating musicians, repetitive stress, practice and overuse, mind and body

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