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Athletes and the Arts: What’s the Issue? – One Page Fact Sheet

There is limited peer-review epidemiology research on performing arts injuries. However, from what exists and many anecdotal reports, it is obvious there is a need for awareness and appropriate medical support for prevention efforts.
AthArts Whats the Issue-August 2015

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Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes – One Page Fact Sheet

Did you know that aerobic activity, strength training, and stretching all have unique benefits? One of the greatest benefits of exercise is that it can help prevent diabetes or it can help you manage diabetes if you have it.
View our one-page fact sheet, “Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes”, contributed to Athletes and the Arts and created by Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) and Diabetes Care and Education (DCE).

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Performance Anxiety – One Page Fact Sheet

View a one-page fact sheet (PDF) on Performance Anxiety.
Performance anxiety, commonly referred to as “stage fright” in performing arts contexts, is a distressing and disabling condition that affects performers of all ages. At least half of all performing artists, regardless of age, gender, and talent or experience level, report problems associated with performance anxiety.

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Focal Dystonia – One Page Fact Sheet

Focal Dystonia (PDF) one-page fact sheet.
Focal dystonia is an abnormal movement disorder that develops when a person is attempting to perform a specific task such as playing a musical instrument. It shows in the loss of voluntary muscle control while playing an instrument. Focal dystonia can affect any group of muscles in the body including the face, lips, tongue, neck, arms or legs.

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Eating Before Performing – One Page Fact Sheet

Eating Before Exercise (PDF).
The day of a performance, I often feel nervous and sometimes skip lunch, only to feel hungry later. Performances are usually in the evening so I know I need to eat something beforehand. Playing extended sets, I rarely get a break. What foods can I eat and at what times to supply me with enough energy to perform well the entire time?

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Reversing Iron Depletion – One Page Fact Sheet

Goals for Iron Repletion

Strategies to Boost Iron Stores

Tips to Take With You

Reversing Iron Depletion (PDF)

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Eating for Recovery – One Page Fact Sheet

Goals of Recovery Nutrition

Rehydration Fluids

Recovery Snack Ideas

Recovery Meal Ideas

Tips to Take With You

Eating for Recovery (PDF)

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Eating on the Road – One Page Fact Sheet

Goals for Eating on the Road

Fast Food Ideas

Travel Pack Ideas

Tips to Take With You

Eating on the Road (PDF)

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