Practice Considerations for the Musician (Sean McGowan)

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Key Injury Prevention Articles Sorted by Instrument Category – PAMA

Key References for Musician Medical Problems by Instrument / Voice Type
As suggested by Dr William Dawson (PAMA)
Piano / keyboards:
Bragge P, Bialocerkowski A, McMeeken J: Musculoskeletal injuries in elite pianists: Prevalence and associated risk factors.  Aust J Mus Educ 2008;1:18-31
Brass instrumentalists:
Chesky K, Devroop K, Ford J III: Medical problems of brass instrumentalists: Prevalence rates for trumpet, trombone, French horn, and low brass.Med Probl Perform Art  2002;17(2):93-98
Woodwind instrumentalists (and all types):
Dawson WJ: Common problems of wind instrumentalists. Med …

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Video – Hand Care for Musicians – Guitar, Piano, and Bass w/ Todd Urban

Neuromuscular Therapist and musician Todd Urban demonstrates the 4 basic motions of the wrist. Proper motion, pressure, relaxation and body use are discussed. Todd also discusses some of the improper techniques often used by musicians which can damage their wrists and hands.

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Video – Performance Injury Prevention using ProformaVision, EMG – Kathleen Riley

This dynamic session introduces ProformaVision, a new software program that simultaneously layers and analyzes two camera HD videography with surface electromyography (sEMG) and midi data. This state-of-the-art technology works in conjunction with Yamaha Disklavier™ pianos, Clavinovas and the AvantGrand. For the first time
we can look at performers “under a microscope.” Body alignment, muscle tension and MIDI measures provide the basis for a comprehensive interdisciplinary analysis of each piano performance.
Kathleen Riley will help you understand why certain body …

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Video – Technique: Mastering the Paradoxical Element of Control – Garrick Ohlsson

Clavier Companion Article – Garrick Ohlsson on Technique: Mastering the Paradoxical Element of Control
Associated videos:
ProformaVision with Garrick Ohlsson Chopin Nocturne Op 15 No 1 section A
ProformaVision Dr. Kathleen Riley discussion with Garrick Ohlsson after his performance of Chopin Nocturne Op 15 No 1

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Video Interview: Dr. John Chong

John Chong, MD, Director, Musicians’ Clinics of Canada
Topics: Medical approaches to treating musicians, repetitive stress, practice and overuse, mind and body

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