Active Voice: Athletes and the Arts – Make a Difference!

By Randall W. Dick, M.S., FACSM

 Originally published in Sports Medicine Bulletin (SMB) from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), February 11, 2014 issue

Randy Dick, M.S., FACSM, is a past member of the ACSM Board of Trustee. He worked for 20 years with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, managing its sports medicine and injury prevention programs. He now serves on the US Lacrosse Sports Science Committee and has authored more than 50 ...

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Musician benefit highlights health dilemma

“Musician benefit highlights health dilemma
43 percent lack insurance in U.S.”

As quoted from The Advocate: New Orleans Edition, accessed on February 27, 2014:

“The cost of health care is the leading cause of bankruptcy in America, and musicians are hardly the only ones without health insurance. But because many aren’t employed by businesses that offer health insurance benefits — indeed, many work independently — they make up a unique niche of the uninsured population.”

Click here to view the full, ...

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Athletes and the Arts: Expand Your Influence

American Academy of Pediatrics: Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness

“Athletes and the Arts: Expand Your Influence”
By Randall Dick, FACSM

Performing artists are athletes. Just like sport athletes, they
-Practice or perform almost every day
-Play through pain
-Compete in challenging environments
-Experience little “off season”
-Face extreme competition
-Risk the temptation of substance abuse
-Face real risk of career-threatening injury


Read the full article on pages 9-11 of the Fall 2013 COSMF Newsletter from the American Academy of Pediatrics Council on ...

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Ground-Shaking Noise Rocks N.F.L., and Eardrums Take Big Hit

National Football League teams are racing this season to secure the title of loudest outdoor stadium in the world….
But all that noise can come with a serious cost. With peaks for touchdowns and troughs at timeouts, the average volume during an N.F.L. game is probably in the mid-90-decibel range….
To auditory experts, the danger is very real….

Read original article as quoted from The New York Times, November 16, 2013.

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New Clinic for Performing Artists is Drawing Rave Reviews

A unique new Ohio University clinic for performing artists, the SHAPe Clinic, short for Science and Health in Artistic Performance, is a place where injured performers can be evaluated, treated and receive health and wellness advice from licensed athletic trainers who have the specialized equipment and knowledge to treat such injuries. Best of all, the care is provided with no out-of-pocket costs to the performing arts student.

The facility is a collaboration between the College of Fine Arts and the College ...

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New Musicians Performance Pain Symptom Monitor

Athletes and the Arts in collaboration with PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association), and New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic & Assistance Foundation have developed a new tool to monitor musicians performance pain.  Musicians are strongly encouraged to complete this form to aid in their care.

Performance Pain Symptom Monitor (scroll to the bottom of the page that opens to find the performance pain symptom monitor)

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