Tim Lightfoot – Rockin Physiology – ACSM Presentation – May 31, 2014

Rockin’ Physiology is an exploration of the physical and mental stresses associated with performing musicians.   This very creative Presidential Lecture from the 2014 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting finds that playing music can induce moderate to heavy physiological stress, especially during public performances.
Tim Lightfoot, PhD, FACSM  Director, Huffhines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance, Texas A&M University
Posted with permission of the speaker and ACSM, Sept 2014.

Tim Lightfoot – Rockin Physiology ...

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A Fitness Swimmer in Four Movements

This challenge is not about time or victory; instead, it seeks timelessness and beauty. It’s about creating music, but it shares many parallels with swimming. Musicians and other performing artists know the feeling of stepping up, being exposed in front of a waiting crowd, and diving in.

Yet for classical pianist Jeeyoon Kim, who is comfortable on stage but not on the blocks, there was no dive. She showed up at the 2013 Spring Nationals without having practiced that part.

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Health and Wellness a part of Texas K-12 Music Teachers Competency Exam

Melissa Hatheway, B.M.E. July 2014

In many states across the country, marching band can serve as a substitute for traditional physical education courses. These ensemble-based classes are taught by band directors, who are certified to teach K-12 Music. However, these teachers are not certified in physical education, despite being in charge of a class that provides students with P.E. credit. This disparity can also be seen within the K-12 Music teacher certification tests, which do not provide the public school ...

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Performance Artists As Athletes

Sports scientists could help musicians and other artists endure the stresses of their craft.

(Inside Science) — They endure long hours of oft strenuous practice. The way to get better is to practice more, even when injured. For hours at a time, their hearts can beat at 65 percent of their maximum rate. Injuries are common, and there’s always someone waiting to take your spot.

Life in the arts can be tough.
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Article as ...

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