Janet Horvath – Author of Playing Less Hurt

—Janet Horvath, associate principal cello of the Minnesota Orchestra for more than three decades, is a soloist, writer, and award-winning advocate for injury prevention. Her acclaimed book Playing (Less) Hurt An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians is available on Amazon or at www.halleonard.com

Janet Horvath – Injuries Among Young People on the Rise

Interview with Janet Horvath: Author of Playing Less Hurt – Minnesota Public Radio

Janet Horvath – Playing Less Hurt ...

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Athletes In The Arts

Need:  The problem to solve is how to improve the general well being of musicians and artists, especially young people.  This has multiple components:  nutrition, exercise, hearing health, injury, rehabilitation, injury prevention, mental health, music therapy, even health insurance.

Idea:  The novel aspect of this initiative is the interest of the sports medical profession in the issues of the physicality of the arts.  The idea is to connect the community of musicians, artists, parents, educators and ...

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Top 3 Medical Issues By Performer

Top 3 medical issues by Performer (List 1,2,3)

Conductor Singer Keyboard Percussion String (bow) String (hand) Flute Woodwind Brass Wind Marching

1. Head

  • dental
  • vocal chords
  • embouchure
  • mandible
  • jaw
  • laryngeseal
  • hearing
  • Other

2. Hand/Wrist

  • tendinitis
  • arthritis
  • Other

3. Whole Body

  • shoulder
  • elbow
  • back
  • hips, legs ankles
  • feet
  • skin (sun,wind)
  • Vital Capacity
  • Other

4. Mental Health

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Athletes In The Arts Steering Committee Meeting Summary – October 3rd, 2009

Initial focus of Initiative
1. Performing Arts (First priority)
i. Musicians
ii. Conductors
iii. Singers
iv. Music Instruments
v. Marching Band

2. Fine Arts (subsequent priority)
i. Visual Arts/Graphics
ii. Theatre Arts

Subgroups of Performing Artists to address
a. Professionals and Amateurs
b. Indigent/Needy Professionals
c. Youth/those in training
d. Teachers
e. Parents
f. Medical Professionals (provide info to Doctors about prevention and healthcare for musicians)
g. Admins/Governing agencies (NASM,MENC,music groups)
h. Managers of professional musicians
i. American Fed Musicians Union
j. Advocates (MusiCares, Grammy, etc)
American Music Therapy, Public Health Orgs, State Wide Music ommisions, National Association of Music Manufactreres, ...

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An Overview of Health Issues for Performing and Visual Arts Students

Download as PDF with complete list of references and resources.


Health is increasingly regarded as a serious issue in the arts community. Concerns about incurable diseases and professional related injuries have brought health issues intro new focus. General health is receiving higher levels of attention along with specific diseases and conditions. Preventive maintenance toward long-term personal well-being is a more widely understood and accepted goal. Prevention and
treatment are in a new relationship.

These conditions are a current manifestation of historic connections ...

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Health Promotion in Schools of Music

Download as a PDF

Initial Recommendations for Schools of Music

Kris S. Chesky, Ph.D.; William J. Dawson, M.D.; and Ralph Manchester, M.D., for the Health Promotion in Schools of Music Project


The primary goal of the Health Promotion in Schools of Music (HPSM) Project is to assist schools of music to prevent occupational injuries associated with learning and performing music. With this goal in mind, a national conference was hosted in the fall of 2004 to connect health care experts with individuals and organizations involved in the ...

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