AATA Podcasts!


Athletes and the Arts (AATA) is proud to present our all-original podcasts!

Hosts: Dr. Steve Karageanes and Yasi Ansari

Podcast 1: Origins of AATA — AATA (John Snyder, Randy Dick)
Podcast 2: Physiology of Performance — ACSM (Tim Lightfoot, Randy Dick)
Podcast 3: Care of the Collegiate Dancer — NATA (Amanda Donahue, Kristina Berger)
Podcast 4: Vocal Dystonia, Aerosol Studies — PAMA (Lucinda Halstead)
Podcast 5: An Injured Ballroom Dancer — case study (Laura Solomon, Oscar Pedrinelli, Howard Osterman)
Podcast 6: Professional Dancers Becoming Doctors (Becca Rodriguez Regner, Kirsten Roberts)

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