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New York versus Philly: Dance Edition — AMSSM (Christine Cox, Marc Harwood, Melody Hrubes, Sheyi OjoFeitimi)
Oct 31, 2021 • 1 hr 14 min

Our biggest episode yet brings together the medical professionals in New York and Philadelphia who care for some of the biggest companies in the dance world. They give us insight on how they keep those performers on stage. We talk about what it’s like to work in small, medium, and large-sized programs, how their dancers access care, and the challenges of pushing the boundaries of choreography without pushing physical boundaries. Brought to you by the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine.

Gaining The Mental Edge — AASP (Stephen Gonzales, Brooke DeRosa)
Sep 25, 2021 • 1 hr 8 min

How do you improve mental performance in sports and the performing arts? Is mental performance and mental illness along the same spectrum? How do you stay healthy in the face of failure and rejection? We talk to a doctor and a performer to find out how. Listen to Yasi and Steven talk with Dr. Stephen Gonzales of the Association of Applied Sports Psychology (AASP) and Brooke DeRosa, film composer and singer with the L.A. Opera.

From the Barre to the Clinic: Professional Dancers becoming Doctors — AOASM (Becca Rodriguez Regner, Kirsten Roberts)
Aug 23, 2021 • 1 hr 15 min

What does it take to become a professional dancer? A combination of physical gifts, proper training, and a lot of hard work for starters. But when the time comes to exit stage left, what does it take to then become a professional health care provider? We find out by talking to two extraordinary women who reached the top of two different fields. Listen as Yasi and Steven talk with Doctors Becca Rodriguez Regner, DO, FAOASM, and Kirsten Roberts, PT, DPT, CPT-PMA about the difficulties of a professional dance career, newer theories in dance training, the importance of nutritional support, developing resiliency, and so much more.

The Journey of a Ballroom Dancer and her Doctor — AAPSM (Laura Solomon, Oscar Pedrinelli, Howard Osterman)
Jul 19, 2021 • 1 hr 4 min

Dr. Laura Solomon shares her journey as a professional ballroom dancer, overcoming reconstructive ankle surgery and a career-threatening Jones fracture in her foot to compete at the highest levels in the world of ballroom dancing. She is joined by her team; her teacher and partner, Oscar Pedrinelli, and her podiatrist, Dr. Howard Osterman. They talk about the power of positive thinking, treatment for a Jones fracture, prevention foot and ankle injuries, and what it takes to excel in dance.

Vocal Disorders in Performers — PAMA (Lucinda Halstead)
Jun 23, 2021 • 57 min

Our guest this episode is renowned otolaryngologist and President of the Performing Arts Medical Association, Lucinda Halstead, MD. She is a pioneer in performing arts medicine, starting one of the first vocal treatment centers in the United States in 1987 and becoming the Medical Director of the MUSC Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing.

We discuss various medical issues related to vocalists, specifically vocal dystonia, a commonly misunderstood problem that can suddenly render a performer unable to sing. We also cover the work of the Performing Arts Medical Association, including work on a COVID aerosol that is helping to get performers back on stage.

Training and Caring for Collegiate Dancers — NATA (Amanda Donahue, Kristina Berger)
May 23, 2021 • 1 hr 8 min

Amanda Donahue, ATC, MS and Kristina Berger are faculty at the esteemed Joan Phelps Palladino School of Dance at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts. These two accomplished professionals join us today to talk about how they merge medicine, education, and training to best prepare their dancers for the dance world. Their unique collaboration is a model for training and caring for dancers. We talk about how athletic trainers are uniquely suited to be the key health care professional in a college dance program, and we dive into dance topics such as the Horton Technique, dancer nutrition, and how dance helps you discover your inner passion to keep you going in your career.

Performing Artists as Athletes: Exercise Physiology — ACSM (Tim Lightfoot, Randy Dick)
Apr 22, 2021 • 51 min

We talk with Dr. Timothy Lightfoot and Randy Dick, both fellows of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) about exercise physiology concepts in performing arts medicine. Dr. Lightfoot, an exercise physiologist, talks about his innovative research at Texas A & M on physical exertion during performance, as well as the “Exercise is Medicine” campaign started by the ACSM and how it applies to performers. We also look at the barriers that prevent performing artists from achieving health and wellness.

What is Athletes and the Arts about? — AATA (John Snyder, Randy Dick)
Mar 28, 2021 • 37 min

Our guests are Randy Dick and John Snyder, the two co-founders of the Athletes and the Arts initiative. We talk about why this movement is needed, and how they worked to bring sports medicine and performing arts medicine organizations together to better meet the needs of musicians, dancers, vocalists and all performing artists everywhere.


Visit our main page on Captivate which lists all the places to find these podcasts:


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